Frequently Asked Questions from our clients

Can you remove cigarette smoke, dog, milk, or vomit odours from upholstery?

Yes, interiors can be shampooed and cleaned, and we will come back and de-oderise afterwards (see valets)

Can you remove scratches from the paintwork?

Yes, but only light scratches. If your finger nail catches in the scratch, then it is too deep. These we can improve the appearance of, but not completely remove.

Can you remove dog hair?

Yes, dog hair and odour can be removed

Can you clean convertible hoods?

Yes, we can clean convertible roofs. Please bear in mind that it quite often takes two cleans to completely clean the hood.

Can you restore faded paintwork?

Yes, sometimes plastic bumpers do not restore as well as the rest of the paintwork

Can you provide your own water and electricity?

Yes, but please notify us of this requirement when you book

Can you remove train dust from paintwork?

Yes, we use a special chemical to clean the paintwork. After applying the chemical to clean it we polish it.

Do you steam clean engines?

No, this can damage the electrics, and the oil that is removed can stain your drive

Can you clean the caravans / motorhomes in snow, rain, or sun?

Snow: No, we don’t clean the car when the temperatures are freezing
Rain: Yes, but the results are not perfect
Sun: Yes, but for best results we need to polish the paintwork